The Importance of a High-Quality Engine Mount in Karting

In karting, an engine mount does more than just hold the engine in place—it plays a crucial role in overall performance and reliability. High-quality engine mounts, like those from Rev Performance Materials, are built with precision, allowing for maximum performance and dependability. Here's why investing in a top-tier engine mount is essential for any serious kart racer.

Precision and Performance

High-quality engine mounts are designed with precision, which is key to ensuring your kart performs at its best. Rev Performance engine mounts are manufactured using the highest quality aluminum on state-of-the-art CNC machines, producing accuracy to +/-0.01. This level of precision ensures the truest possible mount, eliminating "mount wobble" and guaranteeing that your chassis performs at its maximum capacity. Accurate engine positioning is critical to maintaining optimal chain tension and minimizing drivetrain loss, which directly impacts your kart's performance on the track.

The Benefits of Sliding Mounts

One feature that many mechanics and racers appreciate is the sliding mount. A sliding mount consists of a base plate that stays on the chassis and a top plate that is connected to the engine. This design allows for easy positioning of the engine to achieve perfect chain tension, providing a high degree of customizability without the need for constant adjustments to your engine stop.

Rev Performance offers engine slides for both their 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine mounts, catering to a variety of racing needs:

2-Stroke Engine Mounts

The REV-2T 0° Engine Mount is specifically designed for increased performance, making it ideal for engine platforms like ROK, X30, and Rotax FR125. This mount ensures accuracy to +/-0.01 and is 90.01° true to the rear axle, eliminating mount wobble and allowing for easy chain tension adjustments. Available in both sliding and standard options, you can choose between a flat engine mount or a 5-degree angle, which is particularly beneficial in certain categories, like Rotax.

4-Stroke Engine Mounts

For 4-stroke racing, Rev Performance recommends their sliding 4T engine mount, available in either an 8-degree or 14-degree angle. This allows you to set up your engine to your liking, whether you’re using Briggs & Stratton, Honda, or Clone Engines. The REV 4T 14° Mount is designed with both performance and usability in mind. Like the 2T mount, it ensures accuracy to +/-0.01, guaranteeing that your chain will always track perfectly. Additionally, the REV 4T mount promotes cooler crankcase temperatures through advanced cooling technology, limiting engine power loss due to increasing temperatures throughout longer races.


A high-quality engine mount is more than a simple support for your engine; it’s a critical component that can significantly enhance your kart’s performance and reliability. By investing in a precision-engineered mount from Rev Performance Materials, you ensure that your engine is positioned accurately, your chain tension is optimal, and your kart is performing at its peak.

Whether you’re racing in 2-stroke or 4-stroke categories, Rev Performance has the right engine mount for you. Their mounts are designed to deliver the highest levels of performance and usability, making them a must-have for any serious kart racer. Equip your kart with a Rev Performance engine mount and experience the difference in performance and reliability that precision engineering can make.

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