Do I Need a Coach or a GPS Lap Timer? Elevate Your Karting Game

As a kart racing driver, you’re always looking for ways to shave seconds off your lap times and gain a competitive edge. One common question that arises is whether to invest in a coach or a lap timer. While both have their merits, starting with a lap timer can provide invaluable insights and pave the way for more effective coaching later on.

Lap Timer: Your Personal On-Track Coach

A GPS lap timer can act as your personal on-track coach, providing real-time feedback on your performance. With tools like the Mychron by Aim or the Unipro, you can see your lap times instantly and make adjustments to your driving style. These lap timers allow you to break down your performance into sectors, giving you a clear picture of how you’re doing in different parts of the track.

For example, the Mychron can be set to display green or red lights, with each light representing one-tenth of a second. By trying different techniques each lap, you get immediate feedback on what’s working. This instant feedback loop helps you refine your driving and improve lap times efficiently.

Post-Session Analysis: Fine-Tuning Your Performance

After a session, your lap timer becomes an essential tool for evaluating RPM and determining if gear ratio adjustments are needed. This detailed analysis helps you understand the interplay between your driving style and the kart’s mechanics, allowing for precise tuning.

The Role of a Coach: Beyond the Lap Timer

While a GPS lap timer provides critical data, it can’t replace the expert guidance of a coach. A coach uses the data from your lap timer to provide deeper insights and personalized feedback. However, without a lap timer, even the best coach would have a harder time diagnosing issues and making precise recommendations.

At Rev Performance Materials, we often advise drivers to log at least 1,000 laps using a lap timer before hiring a coach. This ensures that you develop a consistent driving style and understand the basics of kart and track dynamics. When your top three laps in a session are within a tenth of a second, it indicates you’ve achieved a level of consistency that makes coaching more effective.

The Perfect Combination: Lap Timer and Coach

Ultimately, the answer to whether you need a coach or a lap timer is both. Starting with a lap timer sets a solid foundation, providing the data and consistency necessary for effective coaching. Once you’ve achieved consistency, a coach can take you to the next level, helping you refine techniques, improve race strategy, and gain a competitive edge.

At Rev Performance Materials, we carry both the Mychron by Aim and the Unipro, top-tier lap timers that will help you elevate your karting game. These tools are designed to provide the precise data and real-time feedback you need to improve your performance on the track.


In the world of kart racing, a lap timer is an indispensable tool that can act as your personal coach, providing real-time feedback and detailed post-session analysis. However, to truly reach the pinnacle of performance, combining the insights from a lap timer with the expertise of a coach is essential. Start with a lap timer to build consistency and understanding, then hire a coach to fine-tune your skills and strategies. At Rev Performance Materials, we’re here to support your journey with the best tools and expert advice to help you take your karting to the next level.

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