8 Fail-Safes for Your Kart to Ensure You Make It to the End of the Race in One Piece

In the high-stakes world of kart racing, reliability and durability are just as crucial as speed and agility. To help you reach the finish line without a hitch, Rev Performance Materials offers a range of fail-safes designed to keep your kart in top condition throughout the race. Here are eight essential products to ensure your kart stays in one piece and you avoid any race-ending mishaps.

1. Rev Anti-Slide Axle Key Set

One of the most common issues that can lead to disqualification is the rear hubs pushing in, causing your rear width to narrow beyond regulation limits. The Rev Anti-Slide Axle Key Set is specifically designed to prevent this. By securing the rear hubs in place, this key set ensures that your rear width remains consistent, keeping you within the rules and on track for a successful race.

2. Floating Sprocket Carrier

Chain alignment is critical in karting. Misaligned chains can break or pop off, ending your race prematurely. The Floating Sprocket Carrier from Rev Performance Materials keeps your chain perfectly aligned, even as the chassis flexes and shifts. This innovative carrier reduces friction and wear, ensuring your chain remains intact and your power delivery stays consistent.

3. Bumper Keeper Kit

For OTK Tony Kart owners, the risk of rear bumpers coming loose is a known issue. The Bumper Keeper Kit is an essential safeguard. This kit secures your rear bumper firmly in place, preventing it from detaching during the race. With this kit, you can tackle aggressive racing maneuvers with confidence, knowing your bumper will stay put.

4. Chassis Protector Kit

Taking excessive curbs can cause significant damage to your kart's chassis. The Chassis Protector Kit from Rev Performance Materials provides a robust shield for your chassis, preventing cracks and other damage. This kit ensures that your kart can handle rough track conditions without compromising its structural integrity.

5. Nylon Sprocket Guard

Chain issues can derail your race in an instant. The Nylon Sprocket Guard is designed to keep your chain in place, ensuring it doesn't pop. This guard maintains proper chain alignment, reducing the risk of mechanical failure and helping you maintain optimal performance throughout the race.

6. Axle Collars

Axle movement can cause significant handling issues and even lead to race-ending mechanical failures. Axle Collars from Rev Performance Materials ensure that your rear axle stays securely in place, preventing any lateral movement. These collars are crucial for maintaining the stability and reliability of your kart's drivetrain. Available in 3 different axle sizes including 30mm for Cadet/Mini, 40mm which is often used in 4 Stroke racing such as Briggs & Stratton, as well as 50mm which is commonly used in Jr. and Sr. 2 Stroke Racing including ROK, Rotax and Iame (KA and X30.)

7. Hour Meter

Keeping track of your engine's runtime is essential for preventing unexpected failures. Many 2-stroke engines, including IAME and ROK, require a rebuild every 10 hours. An Hour Meter from Oppama allows you to monitor engine hours accurately, ensuring timely maintenance and reducing the risk of engine failure during a race.

8. Chassis Clamp

The rear pipes of your kart are susceptible to wear and tear, which can lead to failures if not properly protected. The Chassis Clamp is designed to shield the rear of your kart, minimizing wear and extending the life of your chassis. By using this clamp, you can protect critical areas of your kart from damage, ensuring it remains race-ready.


Ensuring your kart's reliability and performance throughout a race is crucial for success. By incorporating these eight fail-safes from Rev Performance Materials, you can significantly reduce the risk of mechanical failures and improve your chances of making it to the end of the race in one piece. Each product is designed with durability and performance in mind, making your go-kart virtually bulletproof. Invest in these essential components to keep your kart at peak performance and cross the finish line with confidence.

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