5 Racing Essentials for Briggs LO206: Your Guide to Kart Parts and Supplies

Competing in kart racing, especially in the Briggs & Stratton LO206 class, requires not only skill and strategy but also the right parts and supplies to keep your kart performing at its best. Don’t get caught unprepared! Here are some of the essential parts and supplies we recommend to help you compete at the front in Briggs & Stratton LO206 kart racing:

1. RK 219 Gold Chain

The RK 219 Gold Chain is the go-to chain in Briggs Racing and has been a crucial component in many championship wins. Its precise pitch allows for maximum power transfer and repeatability, outperforming other chains. However, they do wear out with prolonged usage and should be replaced as needed. If you notice a dip in power or excessive tight spots in the chain, it’s time for a replacement.

2. #35 Twist Sprockets

#35 Twist Sprockets are built with Briggs racing in mind. The precise cut of the gear makes them easy to twist on and off the axle, allowing for quick and easy gear changes. Unlike split gears, these sprockets have a continuous cut, preserving gear integrity and preventing the chain from bouncing off or missing a tooth. Each gear is individually CNC’d, providing maximum precision, which can make a significant difference when you’re searching for that last tenth of a second.

3. 4T Engine Sliding Mount

A sliding mount makes gear changes simpler and allows you to position the engine perfectly for maximum performance. The REV 4T 14° Mount, ideal for Briggs & Stratton, Honda, and Clone Engines, is designed with performance and usability in mind. Made from high-quality aluminum on state-of-the-art CNC machines, it ensures accuracy to +/-0.01, eliminating “mount wobble” and ensuring your chassis performs at its maximum.

Additionally, the REV 4T promotes cooler crankcase temperatures through advanced cooling technology, limiting engine power loss due to increasing temperatures throughout longer races.

4. Carbon 4T Chain Guard

While many start with a plastic chain guard, it can eventually melt against the engine, causing a DQ. A carbon fiber chain guard eliminates that risk, offers weight savings, and is easier to clean. It’s a worthwhile investment to protect your engine and maintain performance.

5. Slide Protector

When cleaning your carburetor, don’t let your slide hang out and risk damage. Protect it, especially when traveling, to ensure you have full power the next day. A bent needle can be disastrous to your performance, so a slide protector is a small but essential investment.


Having the right kart parts and supplies is crucial to competing effectively in Briggs & Stratton LO206 kart racing. From high-quality chains and sprockets to advanced engine mounts and chain guards, each component plays a vital role in ensuring your kart performs at its best. Equip yourself with these essentials to stay ahead of the competition and race to victory!

Whether you’re a seasoned racer or just getting started, these parts will help you maintain peak performance and reliability on the track. Don’t leave anything to chance—invest in the best and race with confidence!

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