REV 2T 0° Mount 2022 Year In Review


REV 2T 2022 Year In Review

We would like to congratulate and thank the drivers and teams who gave their trust and support to us in 2022, utilizing the REV 2T Engine Mount to achieve wins and championships across North America!  

Highlights include SKUSA SuperNats Champions, SKUSA Winter Series and ROK FWT Champions, ROK Vegas Micro Champions and MRFKC Champions in ALL ROK Classes!

Full results below:

SKUSA Winter Series

X30 Sr P1 Morgatto (AM), P2 Ramos (REM)

Florida Winter Tour ROK

ROK Sr P1 Morgatto (AM), P2 Kremers (PSL), P4 Ramos (REM), P5 Bower 

SKUSA Pro Tour 

X30 Sr P5 Hiltbrand (PSL), P7 Kremers (PSL), P10 Ramos (PSL) 

ROK Vegas 

ROK Micro P1 Procuna (Zanella), P2 McGaughy (Zanella), P4 Ferguson (Zanella), P5 Vega (Zanella)

ROK Mini P3 Kemper (Zanella), P4 Palacio (Zanella / KartSport NA), P5 Weinberg (Zanella / Speed)

ROK Jr P7 Escorpioni (Zanella), P8 Esposito (Prime), P9 Maxwell (REM)

VLR Jr P2 Wheldon (Zanella)

ROK Sr P2 Kremers (PSL), P3 Ramos (PSL), P7 Woods (Prime)

SKUSA Supernats

KA100 Jr P2 Escorpioni (Zanella)

KA100 Sr P2 Demelo (REM), P7 Brown (Lennox)

Mini Swift P4 Palacio (KartSport NA)

X30 Sr P7 Kremers (PSL)

X30 Masters P1 Grice (Prime), P4 Foster (Prime)

Motomaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship

ROK Jr P1 Maxwell (REM), P2 Esposito (Prime), P3 Launi (Launi), P5 Makovskis (PRO)

ROK Sr P1 Woods (Prime), P4 Filice (Prime), P5 Bower (Prime)

ROK Mini P1 Roach (REM), P3 Morley (Prime)

Canadian Karting Championships

Rotax Jr P2 Esposito (Prime), P4 Makovskis (PRO)

ROK Jr P2 Esposito (Prime), P3 Maxwell (REM), P5 Makovskis (PRO)

ROK Mini P2 Morley (Prime), P3 Roach (REM)

ROK Sr P1 Woods (Prime), P3 Filice (Prime), P5 Ramos (PSL)

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