Introducing: REV-2T Engine Mount

The REV-2T 0° Mount was designed for the sole purpose of increased performance. Ideal engine platforms for this mount are ROK, X30 and Rotax FR125.


This mount is designed using the highest quality aluminum on state-of-the-art CNC machines producing accuracy to +/- 0.01mm. This ensures the truest possible mount for the consumer ensuring minimal drive train friction loss and helping mechanics consistently set chain tension.

• Engine Mount flex is an important aspect in preventing power loss. As the kart flexes it is imperative that the mount stay ridged; not allowing the flex to transfer to the engine. With the robust yet slender design the REV 2T mount will ensure your engine does not fall victim to power loss due to crankcase flex.

• Crankcase cooling is an on-going struggle with all 2 Cycle motors. As the bottom end gets hotter your power will decrease. With our Venturi style cooling system we greatly increase surface area allowing the heat sync to leave the engine. Then the cooling ports allow the heat to escape creating cooler crankcase temperatures.

Chassis Performance

The REV-2T mount was designed to not only improve power and drive train loss but also to maximize the chassis performance. We do this by offering a unique feature which allows consumers to move the engine position within the mount. Mechanics are constantly fighting with clearances to seat struts, bearing flanges, and chain lengths for ideal engine positions. This mount will help solve these issues.

Incase further adjustments are required to maximize your engine fit, REV also has available 1cm engine spacers. These spacers are perfectly machined to allow all the adjustments and cooling aspects of this mount. REV suggests that all X30 customers run 1 spacer for starter engine clearance. Many customers prefer 2 spacers to help with improved rear bumper clearances.

REV-2T Engine Mounts are now in stock and can be purchased through our growing dealer network or on our website at

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