Vrooam Brake Cleaner Case

Vrooam Brake Cleaner Case

Vrooam Brake Cleaner Case

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Vrooam Brake and Parts Cleaner - 500ml Can (Case of 12)

Keep Your Kart in Top Condition with Vrooam Brake and Parts Cleaner

Maintaining a clean and efficient braking system is crucial for peak performance on the track. Vrooam Brake and Parts Cleaner is your ultimate solution for removing dirt, grime, and oil residues from your kart's brake components and other parts. Available in a convenient 500ml can, this cleaner comes in a case of 12, ensuring you have an ample supply for all your maintenance needs.

Key Features:

  • High-Performance Cleaning: Effectively removes brake dust, grease, and oil from brake components and other parts, enhancing performance and safety.
  • Fast Evaporation: Leaves no residue, allowing for quick and easy cleaning without any lingering mess.
  • Safe on Surfaces: Designed to be gentle on metal, rubber, and plastic parts, ensuring your kart remains in pristine condition.
  • Convenient Size: Each 500ml can is easy to handle and use, making it perfect for quick clean-ups and thorough maintenance.
  • Bulk Supply: Sold in a case of 12, providing you with plenty of cleaner to keep your kart in top shape throughout the racing season.

Important Shipping Information:

  • Ground Shipping Only: Due to its chemical composition, Vrooam Brake and Parts Cleaner can only be shipped via ground transportation.

Why Choose Vrooam Brake and Parts Cleaner?

Vrooam Brake and Parts Cleaner is trusted by karting professionals for its powerful cleaning abilities and safe formulation. Whether you're preparing for a big race or performing routine maintenance, this cleaner ensures your kart's brake system and parts are free from contaminants, helping you achieve optimal performance on the track.

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Ensure your kart's components are always clean and ready for action. Order your case of Vrooam Brake and Parts Cleaner now and experience the difference in quality and performance.

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