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The New-Line RS MAX Go Kart Radiator is the ideal choice for Shifter Kart classes while also being useable for other classes such as OK, OKJ, IAME X30, ROK GP and OK-N.  Its larger size compared to the R MAX model, combined with the new MAX radiator core, makes sure that even engines that operate at the highest temperatures can be cooled properly.  Used by top European and Factory karting teams such as Ricky Flynn Motorsport and Kart Republic Factory.

Furthermore, the new MAX radiator core decreases the weight of the radiator up to 20%, a feature that turns out to be crucial in a kart racing category such as KZ, where the minimum weight of the go kart with the driver is only 170 kg.

The curved shape of the top tank inlet is designed to evenly distribute water across all the pipes of the Go Kart Radiator, so as to make the most out of all the surface area available.

Like all the other go kart products by New-Line, the RS MAX go kart radiator matches all excellent manufacturing standards: individual hand assembly, TIG welding and meticulous attention to detail.

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