CZ 219 Kart Chain - ORS

CZ 219 Kart Chain - ORS

CZ 219 Kart Chain - ORS

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Very involved in karting competition alongside the best teams in the world, the CZ factory took on a huge challenge by offering the 219 “Ultra reinforced” ORS O-Ring Go Kart Chain.

In addition to being a super resistant go kart chain, the 219 ORS is also the most efficient because it uses a technology different from its competitors in terms of mounting the O-Rings.

Constantly made more efficient thanks to the work of the CZ Factory R&D department, the 219 ORS Kart Chain can boast 4 World Champion titles obtained in the premier categories of karting since its introduction in 2014.



  • Ultra reinforced O-rings



  • Very high level Racing
  • Junior and Senior categories (training and races)
  • Endurance races (24h00 of Le Mans, etc)


  • OK, OKJ, X30, Rotax, ROK


  • Firstly, attach the engine to the frame and perfectly align the front and rear sprocket
  • Loosen the motor to place the chain without any stress on the sprocket and crown to avoid damaging the chain and its O-rings
  • Set the chain tension, the play must be 10 to 15mm at all points. If the tension is uneven, check the front sprocket and rear ring gear. Use an engine anti-rollback (also called an engine tensioner)
  • With a new chain, it is best to use new front and rear sprockets


  • Use a very high quality chain grease, which will not damage the O-rings. The chain should remain lubricated even after prolonged use
  • Lubrication should preferably be carried out a significant amount of time before each session to give the lubricant time to dry and stick to the chain
  • All parts making up the chain must be lubricated: the links and the axes. Also lubricate the rear sprocket, with centrifugal force the grease will become lodged in the chain during use.
  • Do not apply lubricant to a wet or dusty chain. In this case, blow out the chain with compressed air before lubricating.
  • Never use chemicals to clean the chain: they can drastically remove lubrication from the axles and/or damage the O-rings.


  • Before use, check that the chain is not shiny (lubrication problem in previous sessions) and that the rollers are not damaged or cracked
  • Also check that no O-rings are missing. A single missing O-ring can cause the chain to break.
  • A chain with one of these defects must be replaced.

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