CZ 219 Kart Chain - Gold

CZ 219 Kart Chain - Gold

CZ 219 Kart Chain - Gold

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Issued from the very long experience in chain manufacturing of CZ factory (since 1929), the CZ 219 Gold Kart Chain is a classic no O-ring go kart chain that uses high-tech technologies to ensure a very long lifetime. 

This go kart chain has been developed in order to supply the top quality racing product for the karting branch all around the world. The top quality certified raw material for these chains is supplied just from the best German and Austrian steel suppliers (in fact the best steel suppliers of the world !)

The complete production process is done in the CZ factory; from stamping, heat treatment, assembling and the automatic quality check, pre-stretching process. The pins are manufactured with a special hard surface, which prevent fatigue and dynamic resistance for the  go kart chain, guaranteeing a long life span.


  • Briggs LO206, Mini-kart, Junior classes (practices and races)
  • Senior classes (practices or short races)


  • Firstly, install the engine and perfectly align the front and rear sprockets
  • Next, you need to release the engine to place the go kart chain on the sprocket without any tensile stress to avoid any damage
  • Set the go kart chain tension; it must have a play of 10 to 15mm. After the first use you need to adjust the tension again.
  • With a new 219 Go Kart Chain, it is always better to use new 219 Pitch Go Kart Sprockets


  • The go kart chain must be lubricated before each session in order to penetrate into the spaces between the pins, bushes and rollers to ensure long durability
  • Do not apply the lubricant on a wet or dirty go kart chain. Moisture or dirt must be removed by air blowing.

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